Alexander Krieger

Photographer, Filmmaker and Creative

Alexander Krieger was born 1991 near Munich, Germany. At the age of 17 he first got in contact with photography and started to build a portfolio. In 2012 he began to study photography design at the University of Applied Science in Munich, where he is recently graduating with the bachelor of arts. During his studies he also started to gain experience in filmmaking and directing. His first short movie was screened in film festivals and got nominated for the Munich Offspring Movie Award. With his experience in directing he applied at the Residenztheater in Munich to learn as an director’s assistant and got his first theater debut in the Marstall of the Residenztheater in 2016. Alexander got not only featured in magazine publications, but also showed his work in single and collective exhibitions. Besides storytelling in theater and film, he focuses on character portraits in his personal work and has clients among actors and artists. He also works as a photographer’s assistant and provides digital support. He lives and works in Munich.

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